3 heartbeats

Homeschool hasn’t officially began yet but today we continued learning about down syndrome. During the reading of the book about down syndrome the idea of support came about. My mother brought to my attention that my younger two children had been calling my oldest daughter out of her name. She told me that they were saying things like stupid and other annoying sibling terms. I immediately became infuriated because I have taught my children to respect one another and to love one another more than anything. So to hear that my two children were essentially bullying my oldest child, with down syndrome, it broke my heart.

I began to explain to my children the importance of supporting one another. I reiterated that we have to stick together and standup for each other. I used this teaching moment to speak to my children in away that was succinct. I used the information from the book that spoke about the need of familial support to teach my children a valuable lesson. During my motherly monologue I noticed that my son removed his glasses.

When I completed my sentence and looked at him again I saw that he was wiping tears from his eyes. I asked him what was wrong and he replied “nothing”. I asked again and he gave the same reply. Then he got up from the table and went to get paper towel to clean his face. While he was gone I sat down in his seat and waited for him to come back. When he reached the table I asked him what was making him cry and then he told me that he wanted to talk to me in private.

Immediately I obliged. We entered my room and began to talk. He shared with me that he was concerned about not being a good brother. He was upset that his sisters do not receive the type of support from him that he feels they should. He was distraught and hurt by the fact that he was knowingly creating problems for his sisters. When I asked him what he can do to change the situation he stated that he could be more cheer them on when they are doing things and help them when they need it. He came to the conclusion that he does not treat his sisters as well as he should.

I asked him what was he going to do differently and he said that he would be more supportive and more encouraging. He said that he would try to be nicer and I simply replied “you must do it”. I used the palm of my hand to quickly brush away the tears from my face and explain to my son that he has to make a decision to be different. I explained to him that trying to do something means that you will fail. I went on to tell him that he will have to make conscious efforts to remove the negative behavior and improve his relationship with his sisters. I told him that actually doing things rather than just trying carries the potential of both failure and success.

How was so touched that he came the level of self-awareness that he did all on his own. His name is Celtic and it means fiery. He is definitely Full of passionate fire. He loves hard and he learns hard. I am so proud that he is my son. I am so thankful that all of them are my children. This was a tough lesson for all of us but I am proud of the way we handled it. My son and my daughters have made efforts all day to be more positive towards one another.

What do you think?