Stuck in stone

Everyone wants to talk about what they would have done when it has something to do with someone else. There are opinions everywhere. We all have them. In the midst of all that, where is the help? Talking about what should be done or how much better things could be doesn’t change a situation. Finding out what is needed, what it will take, and what is available can make a difference.

Change is inevitable. Regardless of if we want things to change or not, they will. Even if we resist, things will still change. We cannot control change but we can influence it.

How many of us are willing to fight for change for the better in the lives of people we feel deserve the worst?

Understanding that we have the will to make choices does not mean that we are always right. Saying something is less effective than doing something, more times than not. It is amazing how changes in our lives often reflect our influence on them.

The plan is set. We are the ones that deviate. Spending time degrading another takes time away from personal progress. Crying about a bad situation does not change the outcome. Being complacent with your situation does not mean that the world should do the same. Get you together first. Once that has been done, work towards helping others do the same instead of talking about the lack in their lives. We are all guilty. The difference is that some grow up and move forward while others simply grow…waiting to be plucked of the comforts of their stone.

What do you think?