Worth waiting

While reading my Bible one day I came across a quote by Lila Trotman. The quote states that “your husband will never truly be yours until you have first given him back to God. He is yours only when you are willing to let him go wherever God calls him and to do what God wants him to do.” Although I am not married that quote spoke to me in a very real way. The man that God has created for me was created first to serve God. He has to answer the call God placed on his life before he can have me as his wife. That’s powerful! This quote along with scripture showed me that I have to scarifice a man that is not even mine in order for him to be the man that I want him to be.

God has a way of showing us a glimpse of what He has in store for us without revealing the whole surprise. He will mix our soul mate in with those that are seasonal so that we can experience the difference between the two. He will bless us in the midst of our struggles so that we can know that it could have only been Him. He will speak to us in multiple ways so that His voice drowns out the doubt. God allows us to peek into our presents before He allows us to unwrap them. The great thing about this is that when we know what is coming our way, we work harder to ensure the receipt of it. We are encouraged to keep striving and keep moving forward. Just like a kid that is promised ice cream for good behavior. We do our best to get His best.

Waiting for my Boaz is not fun or exciting. But knowing that he is on his journey, following God, looking for me makes the difference. Knowing that he is longing to see me, to choose me, to love me, to exalt me, to pray with me, to protect me, and to provide for me as God has instructed him to do is exciting. When he arrives the waiting will not have been in vain. God has revealed so much to me during my time alone as I wait and get prepared for the next step of my life in His will. God has kept me on the receiving end of His blessings despite my poor decisions at times. I had to learn that my decisions that were outside of His will increased the time that it would take for me to get who He created for me. I’m so glad that He loves me enough to continue to bless me the way He does.

I know that I have to wait until God is ready for us to unite. Although I get lonely at times I know that won’t last forever. I look forward to the days when I will never be lonely again. I know that God created me to be a nurturer, a lover, a supporter, and a believer. He created me and He knows what I need in order to be sustained. God is so good that He allowed me to know who my Boaz is…that feeling is amazing. It is inspiring. It is beautiful. I know that God is preparing me for him and him for me…that is a blessing. One definitely worth waiting for.

What do you think?