A Woman’s Strength

Trapped in a world that seeks to destroy you. But you are humbled by the thought that you will overcome. Living a life that is full of turmoil. But focused on the promise of a turnaround. Learning how to give enough of yourself while you remember who you are. Not losing your control in the heat of the moment but knowing when to speak up. Allowing the growth of your understanding will increase the understanding of your growth.

You will endure a great deal of tests and trials. But you will be encouraged through it all. Your memories will lead to your desires. Your desires will create your goals. Your goals will transform into your accomplishments. Your accomplishments will inspire your praise. The fight does not end. But you know that the rules change. Although you know the battle is not yours, you stand ready to go to war. The strength of a woman has no boundaries. It has no parameters. There is no end.

Women were created to stand strong. We were designed to make a difference. It is in our nature to keep going. Regardless of what comes our way, we will stand! A woman’s strength is shown in her love, in her patience, in her rise, in her growth, in her success, in her achievements, in her worship, in her praise, in her devotion, and in her giving.

A woman has to be strong to live the way that God intended her to live. She has to strive to step on the stumbling blocks and keep climbing higher. Her pain cannot slow her down.

A woman’s strength is her fight, it is her life…It Is HER!


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