All About Side Chicks: Valentine’s Edition

Valentine’s Day just passed and there were so many posts, tweets, and shots of people with their gifts and or significant other. There were also a host of posts about “side chicks”. After about the third consecutive post it really made me sad. This is what we think about love and relationships?

When the focus is what was purchased instead of what is real. When the “side chick” becomes a hot topic in relationships, it raises an eyebrow for me. The glamor that has been brought to the idea of a “side chick” by reality television has tainted the truth in love. None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes and decisions that we know are wrong. We all have done things that we will take to the grave. When the dirty laundry of our lives becomes the new trend there is a serious problem.

To me, this is another way to stereotype and judge people. Another way to keep confusion on high. That is not to say that infidelity should be acceptable. That is to say that this should not be the norm. Although there were comments on the internet that attempted to bring shame and deliver laughter in reference to the “side chick”. It still does not remove the looming grief that this is even a thing.

We are quick to judge and label one another. More times that not we form opinions based on the opinions of others. Before we can form an opinion based on personal experience we listen and believe what someone else tells us. Our view is not objective and we do not allow the person to be who they are in our eyes. Our eyes see them how our ears have heard they should be seen.

We look at every strong woman who has goals and ambitions as a threat. We know that every big booty is not attached to a stripper. We know that every luxury car was not purchased by a secret lover. Yet we still look at them and prejudge. We proceed to the conclusion before we even get into the introduction. The people on the outside can only assume what the situation actually is. There could be a mutual agreement without anyone being on the side. The “side chick” may think she is the “main chick”. The “side chick” could actually be the man. The world may never know. The world never has to find out.

We should support one another. We should encourage one another. We should motivate each other.None of which involve judgement.There is a difference in knowing the truth and thinking you know the truth. The words we are choosing to give power to are tearing us down. Valentine’s Day is a day that is viewed as a time to celebrate love, romance, and intimacy.None of which include the idea of a “side chick”. The trend in the posts was that the “side chick” doesn’t mean much. If that’s the case, why does “she” get so much attention?

What do you think?