Attitude Adjuster

There are people who can adjust to any situation. They are able to remain true to who they are at all times. There is a time and a place for everything and they understand that to the utmost. They know when to maintain excellent posture and exquisite manners. They also know how to relax and enjoy an evening with friends. They are who they are but they can be whoever they are needed to be.

They are very intelligent. They absorb. They retain. They acclimate.

The chameleon. We all have it in us. How many of us access this tool? How many of us know when to turn up and when to fall back? How many of us is the person that everyone says. “you can’t take them nowhere without them acting a fool…”? Knowing when to be professional falls into this. Most of us are very different at work than when we are home or around family and friends.

For this reason it is imperative that we know our role and play our position. We have to know how to fit into the situations we are in and make them work to our benefit as much as possible. Even if the only thing taken away is a lesson learned not to do that again. We have to understand that the hood logic will not work in the board room on a grand scale. We have to understand that book smarts will not save you from a bullet.

Sometimes we talk ourselves into situations that we should have no involvement with. Sometimes we allow others to get us into situations that we cannot get ourselves out of. Sometimes we know when to close our mouths and open our ears. Then and only then will we be able to grasp the surroundings and know what changes need to be made. We have to be willing to make adjustments in order to get the job done.

Being stuck in a two-dimensional state of mind will lead us into a place of complacency and stagnation. A place where dreams die with the ringing of the alarm. A place where love is simply a word. A place where success is based on the latest pair of shoes or handbag. In order for us to be viewed as contenders, we have to carry ourselves as such. We have to show who we are, or no one will believe us.

Being different is good. It means that others will see something in you that they do not see in others. You will stand out. You will be noticed. You will be recognized. You will change. You will grow. You will learn. At the end of it all, you will still be you.

What do you think?