Avoidance is a Drug

It is so hard to understand why people avoid the truth. You would think that living in truth is the easiest thing to do. Evidently that is not the case. Lies seem to rule most of the world. So many people allow the fake, the pretend, and the assumptions to be the facts. When this happens, there is a whole new world created. A world where the truth gets ignored even when it is evident. This new world that is created increases drama and confusion.

Cheating while in a marriage that makes you unhappy will not solve the marital problems. Chasing someone who is running away from you will not bring you closer together. Holding someone tighter that is slipping through your fingers does not mean that they will stay with you. Avoiding the truth is addictive; just like a drug. The more you do it the easier it gets to do it. More times than not, when there is heavy indulgence there is a higher chance for overdose. An avoidance overdose leads to emotional destruction.

Many of us know the truth and refuse to accept it. What’s worse is that we know the truth and refuse to act on it. The longer we avoid the truth, the longer our problems persist. Problems often need our help to rise and to fall. Contrary to popular belief, we are in control of many of the obstacles that we have to overcome. When we avoid the responsibility of our personal actions, we turn our ear from the facts. When we avoid accepting the truth, we avoid the opportunity for healing. When we dismiss the facts and regurgitate false statements, we add fuel to the problem.

Over the years I have learned a lot about people and why they do what they do. I have also learned that accepting the truth is the first step to recovery. Lessons cannot be learned unless we take in the information and apply it. In addition to that, we have to be willing to accept the consequences from our actions. We have to be aware that blaming others will only cause more problems. Those fingers that we use to identify the cause of an issue work best in the mirror. Once we assess our role in the issue then we can look outside of ourselves.

The best way to eliminate the problems that are caused by avoidance is to deal with the issue. Dealing with the issue means that we look in the mirror before we look out the window.

One thought on “Avoidance is a Drug”

  1. So true,
    If we hold ourselves accountable instead of blaming the other party involved
    even when they had some dealings in the matter.
    We can over come the hate, avoidance & pettiness that grows in us do to the
    let down.
    At the end of it all.
    We are responsible for us,
    Not anyone else.

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