Bitter Lemonade

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade

I am certain that many of us have heard this quite often. It is a statement that causes confusion for many people and gives hope to others.

Those that are confused are thinking about the extension of that idea. If life is what hands us the lemons, where do the sugar and water come from? How are we supposed to make lemonade without all of the ingredients? It life only provides the bitter, where does the sweet come from? How do we get past this?

Ponder this: A defective vehicle is referred to as a lemon. Pool game hustles are called lemon games. In addition to that, people who were viewed as having “tart” personalities are called lemons. It is very interesting that the word lemon is used to describe so many negative things.

So again, where does the sweetness come from? People assume that everything needed to make this alleged lemonade is provided. The fact is that WE have to make the bitter into the sweet. If life gives us lemons, we have to recognize what we have what we need within to can change those lemons into lemonade. (This is when hope comes in.)

People generally become hopeful about things when they feel as if they have control. People attempt to make moves towards success despite the struggles and obstacles that are presented when they feel like they are in control. Typically the only time that people remain positive about negative situations is when they are properly equipped to move forward.

When things get hard, or life gives us lemons, we have to recognize what is happening. We also have to be realistic about the possible outcomes. We have to be ready to try a few different recipes to perfect our “lemonade”. We cannot give up. We have to know that life will continue to move as it moves, the only thing that we can change is our minds and actions.

How we see the situation can influence how we respond to it. The more we are willing to live in truth, accept the truth, and move in truth, the more sweetness we will have for the bitter lemonade that life dishes out.

What do you think?