Black Enough

An article surfaced on social media a few days back and it struck a nerve. The article was in reference to an activist making a slanderous statement about an artist that has a fiancée that is a lighter shade of “black” than he is. It makes no sense. The statement was made that “ANOTHER FAKE CONSCIOUS MUTHER F-KER EXPOSED. I will never support him nor his music with one dime of my money and encourage all dark-skinned women not to either!” The comment was made by a woman who labels herself as a ‘dark-skinned’ activist. From what I have read, she was the victim of childhood bullying because of her skin.

One thing that I know about pain is that it doesn’t just hurt on the surface. This sister is still hurting from what was done to her years ago. When we experience situations that take us out of our comfort zone we either turn inward or we begin to blame others. For example, women that have been sexually abused are typically one of two things; sexually reserved or extremely promiscuous. This is usually the case when they live as victims longer than they live as survivors. They have not dealt with the pain of the situation. I know this because I was a victim and now I am a survivor.

It is so sad that this sister is living so deep in her hurt that she needs to lash out on another sister simply because she is a lighter shade of “black”. She is not the only one that is dealing with this. Many of us live today as if yesterday didn’t exist. We attempt to block out the things that hurt us instead of addressing them and removing the power those things have over us. We have to become survivors so that we can reach more. When we live as victims we allow ourselves to be taken advantage of in ways that we are not even aware of.

We make up in our mind that we are not going to take ‘this’ anymore and we fight back. Who are we really fighting? Have we addressed the issue that caused us to feel this way? How will tearing down another help us get the healing that we need? We should recognize how we are being turned and pitted against one another and make a conscious effort to make a difference. We are the difference. The world is crying out for love and affection. Let’s start within. We need to help ourselves from the inside out so that we can be a strong, solid, immoveable force in society. Let’s make an impact in a positive way. Let’s build each other up and encourage one another to be healthy so that we can be united in the movement and not divided in the struggle.

2 thoughts on “Black Enough”

  1. Great read. I love how you describe some as being victims longer than survivors…we all must become and stay positive.

    1. Thank you so much. I feel that a lot of us get lost in the hurt and never truly get the healing that we need. Please feel free to share the post. Thanks again for your feedback.

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