Candidate for bitterness

Trials and tribulations come to our lives to show us that we are not perfect. They show us that we need help. They show us that we are human. Our reaction to our circumstance often speaks louder than the situation itself. Smiling when everything around is falling apart speaks louder than falling along with everything else.

This is true because it is against the norm. It is against what is expected. It is against what the mind naturally wants or tells us to do. When we give in to grief, we become candidates for bitterness.  We have  to know that the extra in extraordinary does not come easy. We have to fight to forgive. We have to love through our pain. We have to laugh when we feel like crying. We have to pray when our minds attempt to shut down. Bitterness can consume us if we allow it; but it will be defeated if we fight it.

What do you think?