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When help gets hindered

Frustration can be so overwhelming at times. As we move through life, there are situations and circumstances that help us to grow and others that help us to rejoin our reality. It is amazing how the world is full of so many people and very few actually live up to their potential. We are all placed here for a reason and we have goals set for us. We have to do what is necessary to progress. Use your life to be a testament to others. Share your knowledge. If you do not see yourself being beneficial to a person or a situation – simply remove yourself from it. Things work better when the selfish care for themselves and the giving give all that they have.

Standard of leaving

First impressions of a person tell us a lot. Maya Angelou stated that when people show us who they are we need to believe them. For this reason, and others, I go with my gut reaction to a person. I know fairly quickly if I am interested in getting to know more about a person or if I am more interested in walking away.

I have met so many people in my life and many of them have used the rope that I give them to hang themselves instead of pick themselves up.  Once I give a person an opportunity to be in my circle, they have a probationary stay. I am very easy going for the most part and very easily turned off. I do not want to be lied to, taken advantage of, or mistaken for someone that is weak and fragile. I am very capable of handling myself and making well informed decisions.

Once a person gives me a reason to rethink their place in my life, I am usually already done with them. I do not typically cut people off, they disconnect themselves from me. I just hold the rope, I do not tie it around the neck of the other person, I simply hold it.

I know my worth and I refuse to be mistreated or forced into thinking that how I want to be treated is wrong. I will not lower my standards to accommodate others. I will continue to be me. Yes, I will adjust over time but it will be for personal growth not for indirect pleasure. I am just me and I am fine with that.