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The Mental Tax

Life is hard for lots of people. I get it. There are some that have it worst than others. I understand that too. When people say that it could always be more problems than what currently exist is a bit aggravating at times. When people approach what many of us refer to as hard times, the last thing that they want to hear is something hypothetical.

When a person starts to vent and release their frustrations about how difficult it is to survive, they are not doing it so that they can simply be comforted. Most times they are looking for ideas on how to change the situation. We open up to friends and co-workers about our problems with the hopes that they will have something to say that will encourage us to keep moving forward.

The idea that only the strong survive is extremely scary when I really began to think about that. We work so hard thinking of how we will survive that we are exhausted. We lose time because we are consumed with the stress of making it through another day. Those that cannot deal with the pressure of surviving will be swallowed by society.

This is how we get those people who are stuck in the same situations with no chance of ever getting out because they are living in pure insanity. They continue to do the same thing and wait for something different to happen. It is hard work to survive but it is even harder to thrive. So if only the strong survive, then that makes me think that only the strongest will thrive.

Black Love

When I think of the phrase “black love” so many thoughts cross my mind.

I thought about separating the words to dig deeper and gain more clarity. I was curious to see if that would provide me with the answers that I was looking for.

I looked at the word LOVE first.

Some say that love is butterflies and goosebumps every time the other person comes around.
Some believe it to be the yearning for one another.
Some may even say that love is simply a natural progression from like.

To me, it is the most important portion of the phrase.
It is what we need to sustain our humanity.
To have love, to give love, to want love, to need love, to know love is an immeasurable gift.
Whether it hurts or not, we all seek to have love and to be loved.
Love is one constant in life that ties us all together.

Love can be felt, but it cannot be touched.
Love can be shared, but it cannot be claimed.
Love can be given, but it cannot be taken.

Love is such a beautiful conundrum that can transform the darkest sky into a serene oasis.

Now the word BLACK

It is first thought of as a color or the presence of all colors.
Some view it as an empty space.
Some see nothing.

Black has the tendency to be described in a manner that depicts it to be negative, dirty, or unwanted.
To me, when I think about what black is, I think about me.

I am deep, dark, and often misunderstood.
I am the shadow of what I was told beauty is to be.
There is so much clarity in the darkness and I enjoy my time there.

When I unite the two words, the phrase is a source of peace and power.
A source of unity and strength.


Black love is not dirty or tainted.
Black love is not strong lust that is wrapped in lies.
Black love is not empty space full of forced affection.

Black love is deep love.
Love that fills you from your roots to your offspring.

Black love is dark love.
Love that has more secrets to success than a master magician.

Black love is constant love.
Love that flows from the spirit to the body.

The love that I have to share is that love that I want to receive.
The love that I have to give is that love that I want to cherish.
The love that I want to feel is the love that I show.

I don’t want any love.
I want my love.
Black love.