Communication creates partnerships

Communication is so much more than merely speaking. If I open my mouth and allow my words to fall on ears that are disinterested in my thoughts, I will not be heard. In order to communicate effectively, I have to first know how to listen effectively. I have to be able to hear you, feel you, and understand you. Without those three components, communication becomes that much more difficult.

As we move through life, we search for things that make us happy. We look for a mate, a career, and various relationships to keep ourselves full of joy. In order for the partnerships that we create to be beneficial, we must know how to communicate. There is an adage that claims that communication is key. With that being the case, communication can unlock the potential to the greater things in life.

We have to speak, we have to act, and we have to understand. Communication can be one-sided, and when this is the case, problems arise. In order to avoid issues in partnerships, we have to understand how to communicate. We have to listen more than we speak. We have to move more than we talk. We have to understand more than we dismiss. Knowing is only half of the battle. what’s next?

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