Deceit of a deadbeat

Learning that the donor of my children has found yet another way to avoid doing the one thing that he agreed to do makes me feel a mix of emotions.

I am thankful that I do not have to deal with the issues that are attached to dealing with him. That makes me smile. What aggravates me is the fact that he can simply walk away from our children and start a new life as if our children do not exist.

Once again, I am thankful that I do not have to deal with him and so happy that my children do not have to be hurt by him being around. However, it is very unfortunate that he does not take responsibility for his actions in making these three beautiful beings. The LEAST he could do is be a financial part of their lives (which is what he said he would do).

I hope that he has an amazing life with his new family. I hope that his wife never knows the things that I experienced while I was with him. I hope that their children grow up knowing a man and not the coward that he is now. I hope that he grows up and takes responsibility for his actions. If he is uninterested in paying to support the children that he assisted in making, then he should become sterile and stop making babies.

Single parents have to deal with an immense amount of problems being a single parent. The baby momma/daddy drama does not have to be necessary. I appreciate the fact that I do not have any of that directly. It is simply not right that I have to raise the three beautiful little blessings without ANY support from him. What’s worst is that the government allows this to happen….

I am tired of this! #beaman #supportyourseeds #liveintruth

One thought on “Deceit of a deadbeat”

  1. He is not simply avoiding to support his children — he has gone out of his way to not have any employment for years and has recently claimed disability so that he can be exempt from paying all together. He is thousands and thousands in debt. That’s the reality. He is unfit to be a man, let alone a parent. #runteldat

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