Discovery Zone

Yesterday I had a meeting with my photographer and every emotion that I have every felt during this process hit me. I was standing in my destiny. I have been writing for years and have heard that I am good. For years I just let those words fall from people’s face to the floor. Within the last few years it has been made evident that I was created to write. Writing is me. When I decided to listen, things started to change.

Working for other people became harder. Their demands on my time and talents became something that I was willing to let go of. My dreams were suffering and I was slowly killing what kept me happy. The transition from working for someone to working for myself was handed to me. I did not realize that it would happen the way that it did but I am thankful.

When it happened, I started writing more. I started living more. I started smiling more. I was being more me. I have more writing projects than most people know about. I have written business proposals, interest letters, donation letters, academic papers, greeting cards, songs, and so much more. Writing is what I do and who I am.

My destiny met me in that studio yesterday and held me tighter than a hug from the loving arms of my children. I was in a place that I did not think I would be. I always planned to accomplish goals I set forth but this was so different. I was in a state of blissful nervousness that was confused by the desire to create and the anxiety of moving forward.

Every emotion hit me. I was not comfortable. I was not stable. I was not focused. I was inundated. Tears of “I’m actually doing it” filled my eyes like helium fills party balloons. My photographer stepped away and I had a moment to be in this moment. I embraced it. I gave in to it. I listened to it. I learned from it.

Sometimes, the best way for us to learn a lesson is for us to be placed in a situation that makes us uncomfortable. Discomfort often leads to research. When things are not going how we want (discomfort), we typically try to find out how to change that (research). That research often serves as the bridge between discomfort and discovery.

Becoming an entrepreneur was a tough decision. The hardest part was accepting the challenge.

What do you think?