Don’t get swallowed by the cipher

People get lost in the crowd when they try to blend in instead of stand out. The truth always surfaces. Who you are does not have to be fixed or altered to fit society’s view of you. Stay true. The world has a way of making us think with the minds of others we fall victim to the lies and deceit of the illusion.

2 thoughts on “Don’t get swallowed by the cipher”

  1. Staying true to self is not always easy…I’m only 95% confident in my own thinking the majority of the time because I’ve made mistakes with 100% confidence…I do agree that making the best choice at the time is all that we can really do though.

    1. Living in truth is a daily struggle. When we know the truth and we decide to go against it we test it. Then we learn. Life is all about learning. Keep learning, keep growing, keep changing.

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