“Don’t Worry. We Won’t Rob You”

So….when I started driving Uber it was the end of October. I started this knowing that there could be times when I would not feel the most comfortable. I was aware that there would be people who would not want to talk to me and some that would not stop talking to me. I knew that there would be confusion and frustration at times. I even expected to have to cancel rides. Even with all that, I was excited to drive.

I started out on a Thursday in my local area and noticed that the demand was decent but I wanted more. I wanted to try a larger city to see if the demand would be greater and my profits would in turn be greater. So I planned a weekend trip to Atlanta for work. I went up on Saturday and stayed until Sunday. I was excited and nervous at the same time.

I am not extremely familiar with Atlanta and I was nervous about driving around and getting lost. I know a bit about the city and some of the surrounding areas, but Atlanta is massive! The little that I knew did not compare to the bulk that I was clueless on. Nonetheless, I was ready. After I arrived to the city I got to work. I drove all kinds of people all around the city of Atlanta. My first day in the big city was going great.

As the day began to shift into the night, the city seemed to change. Things that were easy to find were not so easy to spot anymore. The city was becoming harder to navigate. Streets seemed to narrow and directions became harder to follow. I still stayed out and tried to learn about driving in Atlanta in the dark of night. My final ride of the night happened when I least expected it to.

I picked up two guys that were very interesting. The ride began a little rocky because I almost passed them when I was picking them up. To avoid that, one guy tapped on the back of the car to get my attention. I stopped and they got in. We all laughed it off and the guy that requested the ride wa nervous that his friend’s actions would decrease his rider rating.

We had a 30 minute ride ahead of us and I was ready for the next adventure. We did not talk much on the ride, as the two guys mostly spoke to one another about plans and such. Once we got to the end of the ride, the guys were telling me to turn at a different spot from where the GPS was telling me to turn. I figured, it was best to listen to the rider because they know more about were they are going than I do.

As they direct me down a narrow and dark drive way, one of the guys notices my hesitation and says, “Don’t worry. We’re not going to rob you.” My initial reaction (in my mind) was like “WHAT!!!!” and the next words that came out of my mouth changed the last few moments of the ride. My reply was, “I’m from Detroit and we stayed strapped!” You could hear the shift as it was happening.

I began to reach down to scratch my leg and one rider said, “Please don’t shoot us, I see you reaching for something.” His friend chimed in and said, “Man, she’s not going to shoot us, she just wants us to know that she will if she has to.” I did not say much at that point. The mood was semi jovial and semi terrifying. The driveway that they had me turn down led to a beautiful community of townhouses. They did not want to go all the way to the front of the townhouse that they were going to at that point. They were more than happy to get out at the nearest point to avoid any further uncomfortable comments.

I was fine with that. At that point, I was also fine with turning off my driver app and calling it a night. Not the best way to end the night, but I survived to be #uberdope another day.

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