Dope Mind

I have had a few wild experiences while driving with Uber. It has been very entertaining and very educational. Over the past weeks, I have heard and seen some amazing and even crazy things. I remember one rider that was really interesting. This is his story.

I was heading up to Atlanta to work for the day and I received a ride request. The rider sent a text message and asked that I call when I got close. Once I placed the call, the rider gave me a slew of directions on how to navigate my way to where he was. I had to turn down a long winding driveway that led to a house. That house was just a landmark. I had to turn down another road to get to the main house on the property and pick up my rider.

He was an older gentleman dressed for a fun afternoon with friends and family. When I pulled up, he moved towards the back of the car and placed his walker seat in the back. He then joined me in the front. Conversation picked up quickly and that is when our ride got really interesting.

This rider owns a great deal of land in a small rural area. Over 90 acres to be exact. The house that we passed on the way out, which was a landmark for me when I came in, is his daughter’s. Once she told him that she was getting married, he deeded some of the property to her and had a house built for her and her family. He said that he plans on doing the same thing for his grandchildren if they want it.

He then told me the story of his town. He said that the town was named after a man and that man is buried on my rider’s property. He shared that there is an old tale that states that the old man was buried with gold bars. He told me the story of how, at random times, people will roam around his yard with metal detectors, looking for the buried treasure.

The conversation ended up switching to profession and passion. Come to find out, my rider was a Psychologist! This was a big deal because I LOVE PSYCHOLOGY! I earned a degree in it and I am close to finishing my second. It was awesome to listen to his stories about the community that he serviced. He worked mostly with corporations to help them develop strong management teams. Although I prefer to work with adolescents, it was very interesting to hear his experiences.

I shared my books, I Will Not Be Afraid and The Book About Life with him. He gave me very positive feedback and even asked me a few questions about the self-publishing process. He is such an accomplished man with so much to offer and he was asking me questions about something that I did. That was a great feeling. I shared some knowledge with him and he shared some knowledge with me. By the end of our ride, he was invested in my success. He reached into his wallet and pulled out a tip for me. I thanked him for the gesture and accepted the gift. He wished me well and said that he hopes to see more books from me in the future.

As an Uber driver, you never know who you will pick up. On this day, I was thankful to have him as a rider. The conversation and the hefty tip made our ride uber dope!

What do you think?