Dropping Dudes Like Bricks

My kindred spirit and I have come to a place in our lives where we are truly happy. A place where we thought we would never get to. A place that we have been attempting to create for years. During a recent conversation, we discussed how it feels to find love and let go of lust. Both she and I have been married, divorced, and searching for the love that we deserve. Both of us have had situations that were not ideal. We have allowed people to be in our space just to fill a temporary void.

Years and men went by but we both used to talk about how lonely it was. Just the company of a man was only good for a moment. Both of us longed for companionship.

Her and I usually experience things at similar times in life. The weekend that she told me about a guy that she met, I was happy for her. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical at first, just because of the past pain. The more she talked and the more I listened, the more I realized. This sound in her voice was different for some reason. She sounded happier than she sounded in the past when she talked to me about guys. I was hoping that this guy was the one that she was waiting for.

The last thing that I was thinking was that someone would say “hello beautiful” and change the course of my life. I was wrapped up in my feelings of being happy for my kindred spirit and a little sad about my personal situation. I was a little rough around the edges and guarded but something changed. Something was different. This wonderful man came along and immediately opened himself up and told me everything about him. His words seemed like they were coming from my lips. The connection was crazy! It was all happening so fast compared to what I am used to.

Of course I began to share the news of my gift with my kindred spirit. She was shocked and excited. We talked about the lingering mishaps of men that we were walking away from. We discussed the feelings that the current men give and the decision to be exclusive. The conversation shifted after the question, “could you let go of everybody for him?” was posed. The first few moments with my gift gave me all that I needed. She felt the same about her guy. It is easy to answer that question. “YES!”

When you are introduced to a person that fits into your life without you having to force it; cherish that. Everyone that comes into our lives has a purpose. Nonetheless, there needs to be accountability and responsibility. Each of us have to make decisions to be happy. We have to decide to eliminate the potential distractions from our relationships. When my gift came along, there was no hesitation. All dudes got dropped like bricks to build this new foundation. I will not allow people to disrupt my happiness. Having someone who you want to hold tighter than anything else, it makes love even better.

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