Educated Ignorance

There are a host of people in this world that have received accolades for their educational accomplishments. They have been on the dean’s list and among the top of the class. Many of those same people lack sense. Some refer to it as “common” sense. However, I do my best not to that simply because it is not common. A better word would be desired or preferred sense.

We would like everyone to understand our point of view. They don’t have to agree with us, we just want people to be able to understand what we view as a basic level of understanding. Often times, people are unable to hear us because they allow their lack of knowledge to block their preferred sense of understanding.

They may be well-educated but lack the knowledge that is associated with being a logical thinker. The experiences of life teach different lessons. We could all have the same experience and have completely different perceptions and reflections. The school of ignorance is always full of students. Many are there long term and some are just passing through.

The difference between the type of students is their ability and desire to know better and do better. Being closed-minded forces us to have a closed mouth, closed eyes, and closed hands. When we cannot think about options or alternative ways to do something, we cannot be fed, we cannot see, and we cannot receive. Essentially, we live within ourselves…closed off from our greatness.

What do you think?