Encouragement is Key

How hard is it to encourage someone when you feel like you are the one that needs encouragement? Do you close yourself off from people in an attempt to avoid pain? Do you invite others to dwell in the sorrow with you? Do you climb out of the dark place and press forward? Do you stand still and allow the heat of the sun to melt you away?

It is hard being strong. It is one of the hardest things to do. Especially when you see no end in sight. It feels like there is so much pressure that is pushing you deeper into discomfort.

Most people in the struggle want to get out of it. They don’t want to stay in a negative or difficult place. The ultimate goal is to escape the pain and achieve substantial success. I, personally, do not know anyone that wants to get out of the struggle and go back into it again. It is not a fun place to be. It feels amazing to have someone there with you on this journey that will lift you up. It is much more difficult to struggle alone than it is to have people to share the struggle with. It is not about struggling together but encouraging one another through the struggle.

More times than not, we need people more when we are in the struggle to keep us sane. It is hard enough to constantly think about how you will survive, let alone how you will overcome obstacles and thrive in a society that is against your come up. The struggle is hard but it increases the grind. When people are in the midst of the struggle they are more willing to try things that they would not otherwise try. They are willing to accept things that they would not typically accept. Silence often becomes a tool of avoidance and not one of growth.

Having encouraging people in your corner changes the narrative. It makes a difference to have someone who wants to see you do well. Not only do they want to see it, but they support it and encourage it. They assist in every way to ensure your mental stability stays in tact. A lot of people are quick to think that support is only financial. The most beneficial support is genuine support. Depending on the situation, finances may not fix the issue. There are some cases when only emotional support can help. There are situations that money cannot buy people out of. There are people that no amount of money can replace. It makes more sense to appreciate the good that life supplies rather than dwell on the problems.

What do you think?