Enjoy the journey

Everything that we do in life is a precursor to what will happen next. We have to know that this is not our forever. Evolution must occur. Changes must be made. Growth must happen. In order for us to understand this we have to first understand that we are here with purpose. During this journey we recognize that there is a reason that we are here in spite of our poor decisions and bad choices. We have a calling placed on our lives. People are counting on us. People are waiting on us. People are looking to us. They want to see something different.

The journey varies from person to person as does the experience. The experience is what makes the reward that much more rewarding. There are experiences that we learn directly and those that we learn indirectly. Regardless of the delivery method, the lesson is what’s important. I remember hearing a statement that the greatest things in life are the things that we work hardest to obtain. Those are also the things that shape us into who we are.

The joys of life are felt when we see things happen. When things become tangible. However, once we achieve a goal we should be inclined to set another and help someone else to do the same. We need to encourage one another and uplift one another on this journey. We have to live with one another, so why not live in truth and in peace? Truth leads to peace. Peace leads to happiness. Happiness leads to success. Success leads us back to truth. It is a beautiful cycle that never ends unless we jump out of the circle.

What do you think?