Finding Balance

I can recall multiple conversations with a friend in regard to having balance in life. He would tell me about things that he was doing and how unhappy he was at times. He was unhappy because he said it felt like he didn’t have enough time to do everything that he felt he needed to do. There would be times when he would retreat and focus on certain aspects of his life and completely neglect others.

I remember watching his cycle and saying that there needs to be balance. Everyone has the same amount of time in a day. We each decide how we will spend those hours. We decide which jobs to apply for. We decide which schools to attend. We also decide what we will allow to waste our time.

I think back to those conversations a lot lately as I embark on a new journey of entrepreneurship. I have to take the advice that I was giving to my friend. I have to maintain balance in my life in order to be successful. I noticed that I was not spending as much quality time with my children because I was focused on branding. I noticed that I was not walking across the tightrope as seamlessly as I thought.

I had to check myself and make adjustments. I am sure that it is hard for my friend to find that balance just as it is hard for me to create it in my life. We both have to make decisions. We both have to make sacrifices. We both have to make adjustments in order to keep our priorities in line. There is no easy road to success but finding balance on the way there can make a world of difference.

What do you think?