Forced to keep moving

There are times when we forget that we have a purpose. We are hendered by fear and halted by uncertainty. We look at the odds against us instead of who stands for us. With God we are the majority. We can do all things through Christ that strengthens us. There is no weapon formed against us that will propser. We are more than conquerors. God gives us all we need to move forward. We have to know that we are required to do our part.

We have to have the faith to trust God. We have to know that His promises to us will always be kept. We have to move in the faith that we have so that he can open the closed doors. We have to allow Him to use the keys to release us from our mental prisons. We have to submit to His will for us so that we can fully benefit from His blessings.

We have each been given a purpose, a calling, a gift. We have to move forward to ensure that God did not waste His time creating us the way He did. We have to use the force that is attempting to keep us down as a catapault to propel us forward. We are works of art. Images of greatness. We are Kings and Queens. Rulers of this world. We have to know our worth. We cannot expect to be built up by those that are not interested in our growth. The one who will provide the tools for our success is waiting on our full commitment.

What do you think?