Go through your past

Life happens. From the time that we are born we have to be taught. We have to be shown what love is. We have to learn how to treat people. We have to experience the bad to appreciate the good. Every thing that we go through in our life is preparing us for the next steps of our life. Our success is not determined by our experience, but by how we deal with what we experience.

Adversity exists in life. Turmoil comes. Suffering is imminent. Even with that being the case it does not mean that we have to live in that. Instead we should strive to live in spite of those circumstances. There was an old saying that I heard and used often growing that says “stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. As a child I didn’t think too much about it. It was just a catchy way to get people to stop saying things about me that I didn’t agree with. Now that I think about it with an adult mind it makes so much more sense.

What I take away from it now is that I can be battered and bruised by what people do to me. I can be hurt by the physical infliction of pain. I can be knocked down by those that seek to do me harm. I can be talked about. I can be ridiculed. I can be despised. Regardless of all that, I can still stand. Broken bones heal, broken hearts are mended, and spoken words can be ignored.

As long as I stay faithful, the evil deeds meant to destroy me will actually be the things that move me forward. God always seeks to elevate His children. We get in our own way by looking at the mistakes we made and trying to live in them instead of living through them. We block what God has for us because we want to figure things out or fix the situation ourselves. God has given us discernment. We must use that to make better choices in the future. Dwelling on the past keeps us stuck in who we were and what we did and prevents us from being who we are called to be.

The lessons of the past can be just as beneficial as the accomplishments of the past. We have to ensure that we learn from every experience and continue to trust that God is not going to leave our side. I am reminded that what God does not prevent, He allows. We are tested to see how faithful we truly are. We have to show that we learned from our past so that we can be ready for what God is bringing to our present to bless our future.

What do you think?