Healthy Kind of Crazy

At the beginning of relationships we are always trying to figure out if the other person is real. We want to know if they are actually as nice, sweet, caring, generous, loving, supportive, genuine, etc. as they appear. We want to know if we can trust what they say and what they do. We want to know if they have ulterior motives. We want to know if they will be there. We want to know if they are willing to go as hard for us as we are.

Our minds are flooded with questions, doubts, concerns, and expectations. Many times we drive ourselves insane attempting to “figure out” what is going on instead of talking about it. We take more time assuming what could be there or what may be there without acknowledging what is there. We get consumed with what we think we may feel and we neglect what we actually experience.

When people come along and ease all of our fears and make us comfortable, it is easy to get swept up in the change. It can also be very intimidating. It can be scary. It can be a catalyst to leave a good thing. We can drive ourselves up a wall and back down again attempting to figure out how this has come to be. We can try to figure out why the change feels so good and talk ourselves out of love.

We could also choose another route. We could allow the positive things to be just what they are. We could enjoy the experience. We could respect and accept the change and allow things to play out naturally. So many of us lose our minds because of love, or what we think is love. When real love, true love comes along we are ready to run away and find fault in it. We drive ourselves crazy hoping, wishing, and assuming if “this is it”.

Why not be crazy about healthy love? Why not be the healthy kind of crazy?

I would rather be crazy in love; not crazy because I’m trying to hold on to someone who I need to let go of. I would rather have someone who I could be secluded with; not someone who I want to run away from. I would rather have a relationship that is true; not one that is built on false pretenses. I would rather have a love that is real; not one that is just a façade. I would rather feel the feeling of joy and happiness about a whirlwind romance, than to dwell in the lies of a lust that can never grow.

I’ve been hurt before, just as everyone else that has ever been in a relationship. I also learned from those experiences and I know what I want and what I will accept. I would rather have a man who wants to be crazy about me. A man who wants nothing but the best for me. A man who will ride for me, the way that I will ride for him. I’ll take a man who wants to protect me from harm over one that places me in harm’s way any day. There is nothing like a man who keeps my eustress high and keeps my crazy levels within a healthy range. It feels good to be on this side of crazy.

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