Hold on to that

Constantly searching for what you deserve but consistently settling for less. Always in a high speed chase going in the wrong direction getting stuck in the past. Waiting long enough for right now that you miss what’s right in front of you. Focused on failing and turning away from the truth. You see what’s knocking you down and you walk straight into it. Wondering why you are falling in the hole you allowed to fester. Succumbing to the way of life that challenges what you believe. Leaving the cipher empty like after a vampire feeds. Crippled by the changes that you requested, running back to what’s familiar even when you should neglect it. A status update should be more than a Facebook term….Hold on to that…..Make moves towards greatness and get away from the germs. What infects you affects you and gets to your brain. Be honest with yourself, Live in truth to make change.

What do you think?