How to Support a Writer

When I decided to pursue my dream of writing so many people looked at me crazy. It is a dream that many people have but few chase. Some people thought that I was insane, “You can’t survive like that”. Some people supported me, “I wish I had the guts to do that”. Some encouraged me and constantly helped keep me going. Nonetheless this journey has been exciting and terrifying. One of the most common questions that I get asked is, “how do you make money from that?” I was talking to my sister and explaining some things to her about how it all works and decided to share this info with others too. There are multiple ways that people can support writers. There are various types of support for various types of writers. Here are some really easy ways to support the type of writing that I do.

1. You can hire me as a writer. Yes, I do that. I am a freelance creative writer. I write books, contribute to blogs, and create personal works for clients. I write for other people. I write personal stories, vows, poems, etc. I also write letters for companies and organizations. I recently wrote a letter for Morris Brown College. (Yay me!) I have also created content for business websites. I have also created sales and marketing material for clients.

2. You can buy my books! I wrote and self-published my first book “I Will Not Be Afraid” last year. The sales of that book have been good. I am thankful for ever copy that has been sold. I can’t lie…it would be great if everyone that I know actually purchased a copy. Now I am preparing to release my second book, “The Book About Life: Class is in Session” this fall. I am hoping that the support for the second book surpasses that of the first.

3. You can share my words! I contribute to multiple platforms. The Urban Twist, Bliss & Black, and Creative Chameleon are a few right now. I share my post all over social media. A quick share from those that support my work could turn into benefits for me. The more people who share posts and articles, the more views which could lead to revenue.

4. You can also tell others about me! If you don’t want to purchase a book or share my words, you can simply tell someone about what I do. They may be interested in hiring me. There was an article published about me by the KDHall Foundation a little over a month ago. I am so thankful for such an opportunity! I know that this is not something that is the norm, but a little goes a long way. Do what you can and not what someone else can. You may not be able to write an article, but you can write a review.

Regardless of how you chose to show your support, show your support. Telling someone that you believe in them and that you support them means nothing when they cannot see your support. If you purchase the book, thank you! If you share my words, thank you! If you talk about me, thank you! I write to support my family. Writing is my passion and my pain. It is also my gift. I will continue to share my gift regardless of the support. I appreciate the support of all those that have purchased, shared, and supported my work. If you say that you support me but you are really sitting on the sideline watching my life like a movie….stay tuned because the best is yet to come.

What do you think?