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I was working in Atlanta, being Uber Dope of course, and I had 2 riders that were headed out to a celebration. Once they got into the vehicle and I started the trip I noticed that we had quite a little ride ahead of us. They were going about 35 minutes away which is cool for me. I would rather have longer rides than shorter ones, but any who….

My car has informational signs inside the car to direct riders to various focal points during their ride. There is a sign that thanks riders for riding with me and offers them light refreshments. There is also a sign that informs riders of where they can purchase my books, along with copies of the available books.

During this particular ride, one of the riders wanted to explore the signs and discover all of the focal points. Soon after he started looking, he stopped searching and started reading. He picked up a copy of The Book About Life: Class is in Session and began to read an excerpt from the book.

This is the excerpt he read:

“For example, it is easy to get people to go along with an agenda when they feel that they are connected to a cause. Notice the change of words in that statement. If I have an agenda and I want people to help me, I have to come up with a reason that will appear as a cause for my supporters to become involved with or be connected to.It takes a lot of effort to convince people to agree or align with an agenda. Since people are emotion driven and make decisions from that point of view most times, they are very easy targets to entice and persuade.”

He paused periodically and checked in with me as if I would change my words after he read them aloud. I simply shook my head and confirmed that I stand behind what I wrote. He then stated that he is in sales and he feels that not all decisions are emotion driven. I explained to him that most people make decisions based on how they feel. Emotions and feelings are synonyms. If a person feels good about the “deal” that they are getting, or if they are “sold” on a particular product, it is because they feel good about it. Something within them is telling them to give this a chance.

He mentioned being deceitful in sales in order to get the sale. I informed him that I was in sales and you do not have to be deceitful in order to get a sale. If a customer tells you about the things that they do not want in their current product and you have a product that fits their needs, it is a great situation for everyone. I explained to him that the deceit is not in meeting the need but in how the consumer believes that need will be met. He agreed.

This was the first in-depth discussion I have had about my book with a stranger. It was cool that he opened my book and was pulled in. He read and wanted to read more and talk about what he read. That is the goal.
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