I forgive you

Everyone has someone in their life that has done something to hurt them. We have all been that person to someone else. We may not intend to do harm just as others did not intend it towards us. Nevertheless, we were wrong. Apologizes come and go. Some are sincere and some are shallow. Forgiveness is what we should strive for. Whether it is sought after or not, we have to forgive to move forward. The first person that we have to forgive is ourselves.

If we do not forgive ourselves first we will harbor ill feelings. We will become a hostage to our pain and poor choices. We have to be willing to recognize when we have made a decision that is outside of what we desired and learn how to deal with it from that point on. We cannot allow our mistakes and mishaps to guide our future. Once we are able to forgive ourselves, we will be able to forgive others.

When we hold on to the things that others have done to us we are trapped in a world of hurt and disappointment. We focus on the pain from that moment and the anger from that encounter. We lose sight of how much stronger we are after we made it through that situation. Forgiveness is not the act of forgetting what happened. However, it is the act of moving forward consciously to ensure that similar situations do not occur again.

Understanding that forgiveness is apart of growth will prepare us to receive forgiveness. The transition from guilt to forgiveness can be a difficult one. Self forgiveness is vital. Forgiving others is just as important. Accepting forgiveness is often overlooked. All three elements are imperative to the healing process. It is easy to get lost in the shuffle of guilt, blame, and pain. We must be able to let go of the past and move through the process of forgiveness in order to get to our destiny.

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