I Have A Dream

As I reflect on the legacy that Dr. King left behind I am enlightened. I am exposed to the prevalent fact in his infamous speech, I Have A Dream. Dr. King was a dreamer.

He did not simply see the world the way that it is, he saw it in a better state. He gave up things to make his dreams come true. He lost a lot to see his dream come true.

Why should I be any different? I too, am a dreamer.

I watched a movie today that really spoke to me. The whole movie focuses on doing what you love to do rather than doing what you have to do. When you are passionate about something it does not feel as if it is a job or work. When you do what you love, you will make more of an impact.

I have dreams of changing the world through my words. I want to pour my heart into the souls of others so that they can live again. I want to heal broken spirits. I want to encourage the disbeliever. I want to inspire the doubters.

You never know why God does things and puts you in the places that you are in. The solution is not always to make it out of the situation, but the answers can be revealed based on how you handle being in the situation. All leaders are remembered for various reasons, but they are all remembered.

Everyone is not going to agree with everything that everyone else does. Attempting to please everyone will only lead to destruction. Living a life that is based in truth will allow you to see where you are needed and what you are needed for. Dr. King may not have known his calling when he was 5, 12, or even 22. When he listened to it, it lead him to greatness.

It amazes me that the dreams that we remember most are the ones that we have when we are awake.

What do you think?