It Happens

Sometimes my eyes lose focus and become the sea
Sometimes my life takes over and has control of me
Sometimes my heart speaks louder than my lips
Sometimes my mind wonders and I lose my mental grip

Sometimes I think my love will never rise
Sometimes I wear my smile as my disguise
Sometimes I’m surrounded and I feel all alone
Sometimes I feel lost always searching for my home

Sometimes I look back and get lost in space
Sometimes my situation makes me a look to a better place
Sometimes I want it all and nothing at the same time
Sometimes I give me to something that’s not mine

Sometimes I wait and hope it gets better
Sometimes I let go and my pillow gets wetter
Sometimes my pain gets the best of me
Sometimes my turmoil is hard to see

Sometimes I hide and runaway from it all
Sometimes I stay and stand strong and tall
Sometimes I laugh so I can cover my hurt
Sometimes I keep it in and it’ll follow me to the dirt

Sometimes I write so I can release the tension
Sometimes I sing just for fun and not attention
Sometimes I dance so I can stay in shape
Sometimes I cry because it’s hard wearing this cape

What do you think?