Every day is an opportunity to improve your situation. What are you doing with your days? There is nothing like an epiphany to get you closer to where you need to be. That is exactly what happened to me. I had to sit down and ask myself just that. Prior to this, I could see things getting done and I could see things I was leaving on the table. I did not like that view. It was not conducive to the life I want to live so I wanted to change that. I have goals to leave more than just my memory behind.

At that moment, I decided to adjust the way that I moved through my day. I sat down and thought about everything that I wanted to get done in the next few weeks. I set dates for those goals and wrote them on my calendar. Then I went through my planner and created what each day would look like. Although this may seem pointless to some, it makes a massive difference in how you approach your goals.

I have a goal of being a successful entrepreneur and that takes a lot of work. My field of choice is writing and that requires a lot of time. Planning the days out allows me to see what needs to get done, not just try to remember it all. There are spaces in my day to add in and adjust as things arise but having this blueprint builds consistently and awareness.

The next thing that I did was to write how much money I want to make each day according to time. I had to decide how much time I will spend doing things that don’t make money for me. As an entrepreneur, every dollar has a clock. Each frivolous moment that I spend doing things that do not advance my business is unproductive time spent. That is not to say that time with family and taking time for self is not important, it is very important and must be budgeted into time slots of their own. When it comes to the business time or what most like to call “free time”, you have to decide how you spend that time or how much money you would like to make.

As I stated, personal time and family time is also very important. I also had to figure out how much time I wanted to devote to myself and my loved ones. A social life is not important to me unless it is benefiting my business. I had to sit down and have a real deep internal moment with myself in order to determine how I will leave the legacy that I want to leave behind. I had to make some very difficult choices. I also had to swallow some really hard pills. As a truth seeker, I am built for this. There is no need to get down when plans change. There is just a need for adjustment.

As a girl and a young woman, I had a plan for my life. I wanted to be in a certain place at this point. Things did not go as I planned and I had to adjust. I attempted to adjust my plans but I was approaching it from a backward angle that forced me to keep running into similar problems. When I realized that I had to lead from within I noticed that things started to change. I trusted the inner feeling that guides us. My meditative moments have revealed so much to me. Allowing the truth to reside makes it easier to progress and create a legacy, not just memories.

What do you think?