Losing a winning battle

So many times we set ourselves up to fall short of our destiny. God has a plan to prosper and increase us, but so often we mess up our own victory. We hear what we shoud do and we still do the opposite. We see the path we should travel and we avoid it at all costs. We think that we know better than God.

The more we try to intervene in His plan, the longer it will take us to reach our breakthrough. We were created to win but we have given in to the ability to fail. Granted, none are perfect but one. Nevertheless, once we learn how to do better, we should.

When we realize that our methods are stumbling blocks, we should expect to fall. We should seek God first in all things. He is the only one that can make our stumbling blocks into stepping stones. He is the only one that can take us out of our despair and elevate us. He is the only one that can give us direction when we have lost our way.

In order for God to do what He wants to do for us, we must first admit that He is in control. We must allow Him to work on our behalf. We must trust His guidance. We must have faith in His promises. We must not allow our flesh to force our spirit away from Him. We must fight against the thoughts of failure and trust God to give us the victory that He has planned for us.

What do you think?