Lost children in the village

I watched an interview today and decided to read some of the comments below. To my surprise, one of the comments stated that the interview was boring and whack because it was full of knowledge and people want gossip.

You want gossip instead of knowledge? You want uncertainty instead of facts? You want the possibility of a lie instead of the reality of the truth?

How did we get to this point in our thought process that we decided that foolishness is better than righteousness? This is why I make a conscious effort to operate from a place of truth and logic. I am a realistic optimist. I am a bit confused as to why people in our society feel that there is nothing wrong with ignorance.

The previous generation wanted things to be better and easier for the generations to follow, which has been the case time and time again. Most people want to be able to change things for someone else. There is a level of satisfaction that comes along with that, which many would say is indescribable. I am certain that when people began to fight for what they believe in, they were not fighting for gossip, the latest ‘tea’, or things associated with that form of communication.

They were interested in making a difference. In changing the world. In changing the environment. They wanted to be a positive influence that motivated nations to learn how to interact one with another. Many had to fight for the opportunity to learn. Now there are people in this world that want to relinquish what was fought for. We have to wake up.

We have to realize the importance of truth and facts in society. We have to realize that people in positions of power do not respond to minimal threats. As long as we allow ourselves to be treated as a minimal threat we will reap minimal rewards for taking minimal risks. We have to decide to be different. Decide to go against the grain. Decide to learn more than we knew yesterday and to share that knowledge with others. It still takes a village and it is time for our village to stand up!

What do you think?