Make It A Nice Ride

When I first started driving for Uber, I was excited just to have some flexibility in my schedule. My main goal was to do as many trips as I could and then go home. The more that I drove, I learned about some things that could make the ride smoother and more comfortable for the riders. Making the rider more comfortable can increase rider ratings and tips.

Uber does suggest that drivers turn down tips the first time that they are offered. Do what you feel you need to do if a rider offers a tip.

Shortly after I started driving, I had to take a few long trips. I noticed that I was thirsty on the drive so I thought that there may be riders that are thirsty when they get into the car. So, I added the option to enjoy a bottled water on the trip. Riders began to say how thankful they were for the complimentary drink. I included a few chewing gum options as well to round off the light refreshments.

One day, a rider asked me for some lotion and I didn’t have any to offer to her. Later that day I went to the store and put together a rider kit. The kit includes kleenex tissue, altoids mints, hand sanitizer, lotion, and an info card for riders to follow my blog. The bottom side of the rider kit is for trash. There have been many riders that have taken advantage of the rider kit. Some have even been compelled to tip based on the effort that I put in to make their ride more comfortable.

Since I am also a freelance writer, I have copies of my books in the car for riders to read while they ride. Two copies of each book, I Will Not Be Afraid and The Book About Life. Inside the books is information on how to order the book. There are other engaging items around the car that gets riders involved in the ride. In the event that they want to strike a conversation, there are plenty of conversation pieces to choose from.

Having these items have improved my ratings, increased the amount of tips I receive, and changed the attitude of every rider that enters. I have made my car into a comfortable lounge on wheels. Riders not only feel safe and secure in the car, they also feel welcomed and valued.

Think about the things that you like to have on a trip. Take the rider into consideration and make the ride as comfortable as possible. Your efforts will lead to rewards. Stay safe and until next time…keep being #UberDope.

What do you think?