Mr. K[no]w it all

The man that can tell you everything about you without asking.

He knows the reasons why you move the way you do. He knows the outcomes of your decisions. He knows your thoughts before you share them. He know who you are. He know what you need. He knows that he is want you want. He knows it all.

The fact is…he knows nothing. He makes assumptions about what he thinks he knows and imposes them. “You ain’t never gone find a man to treat you as good as I treat you and take care of you the way that I do”, or something along those lines, frequents the lips of Mr. K[no]w it all. He has the answer to every question before it ever gets asked. The funny thing about that is that in order to get an answer, you have to have a question or something to solve. How can you give answers without knowing what answers need to be given?

When a man such as this approaches a woman, he will more than likely turn her off and end up alone. There are millions of ideas, feelings, thoughts, movements, gestures, sayings, meanings, understandings, etc. of life and how it works. For a person to feel like that have it all figured out, they are actually closed off to all of the possibilities that exist. Closed minded people tend to be in relationships that are unfulfilling and usually attempts to play the dominant role in the relationship. 

In all truth, dominance in the relationship is not something that should be sought after. The man is the man and the woman is the woman. It is typically the characteristics of the person that draw us in and push us out. A person that feels like they have life figured out will treat everyone else as if they know nothing. They will cut you down and disregard you and your thoughts. They are condescending and narcissistic. In order to grow as a  person we must be willing to learn. We must be willing to be wrong. We must be willing to listen. 

Relationships are full of situations that cause us to second guess our decision to be with a person. Self worth and respect should not be negotiable. Everyone has an ego and that is understood. No one should be made to feel as if they are less than someone else. Shame is not in the formula for relationship longevity. 

One reason why Mr. K[no]w it all turns women off is that the one thing that he knows least about is himself. He is not willing to hear anything that does not concur with his statements and thoughts. He claims to “know” everything else but knows nothing about who he is and why he is unhappy in his intimate relationships. More times than not, a woman respects a man’s truth over his lies. A man that can be honest with himself can be honest with the world.  

What do you think?