Mr. Write

As a writer, I write based on how I feel. My writing often reflects my mood. The moments that I have been tired of being hurt by the lies and the pain, my writing usually reflects my frustrations. When I am overjoyed with love and emotion, my writing reflects my butterflies.

I prefer to write from a place of peace and love. I am a giving person and I want to spread joy and truth. I am so thankful that I have experienced all of the things that I have and I am ready for this moment. To have someone who makes you want to be a better you is an amazing feeling.

There are things that I have felt in dealings with other people, but this….this is so very different. All of the feelings that I have felt make sense. I was getting ready. Every interaction was in preparation for this awesome feeling. Even if this feeling fades away, I am so glad that I know what it feels like.

Genuine connections are possible and real and now I know what it feels like. It is amazing to completely be yourself with someone and for them to be themselves with you. It is beautiful to still trust love after poor love has taught so many painful lessons.

I am so thankful that I have a man who inspires me to be better and induces the butterflies to write our story in the sky.

What do you think?