No baggage, just souvenirs

We walk away from our experiences and we always have something to take with us. It may not always be what we want, but we will have something. Most of us want the best of a situation to follow us. The truth of the matter is that the best is often hiding behind the worst. The pain, the disappointment, the guilt, the loneliness; all of that masks the good that is there.

The souvenirs of the trip are secure in the dirty laundry. It is protected by what is easily accessible. In order to find what we want to share, we have to dig through our luggage to get to it. We have to face the excess first before we can get to the success.  After we move past all of the things that frighten us, appall us, and  aggravate us, we can move on to the things that bring us joy.

Our perception has an effect on our reaction. Our reaction can sway our outcome. Knowing how to deal with the dirty laundry of a situation helps us to appreciate the souvenirs that much more.

What do you think?