One Heart: Two Loves

I hear the struggle in your voice when you talk about it. I can tell when things are not going how you want them to go. I can feel when you are not “all there”. I can read you. I know you.

You are happy to be who you are. Your worries are limited and few. You have everything you want in us. We make sure you have what you need. You never have to be alone. We are the greatest combination of fulfillment.

You opened your heart to me and I walked in. I wanted to stay outside but you are so welcoming and inviting. I needed you. I missed you before I knew you. Once I entered your heart you started to pry down the bars from mine.

You had a plan the whole time. You knew what you wanted and you got me. I was your prey and you devoured me. Your heart keeps me alive. I love who you are. We both do. Me and you.

What do you think?