Peace love and misery

As I was walking through the store today I heard something so interesting on the radio that it stopped my shopping. The host was talking about relationships and happiness. Marriages in particular. I was intrigued because I am a love lover and I would like to think that there is a man roaming this earth looking for me to share his life with. I wanted to hear what new information could be revealed from the host.

What did he know that I didn’t? What new information did he have to reveal?

I paused and listened with intent to what the host had to say. He stated two major concepts. He started with the statement that women are more likely to leave an unhappy relationship or marriage to salvage and reform their happiness than men. He then went on to say that men are more likely to stay in unhappy relationships and marriages largely because of the social support that the wife gives.

This puzzled me and made sense all at the same time.

I thought about it as I continued to shop and checkout. Once I got in the car I begin to sit with the thoughts around what I just heard. I thought about all the quotes and social media posts that talk about how much a woman takes from a man before she gets fed up. The amount of foolishness that women deal with before they leave is crazy but once she’s gone that is it. I saw a post the other day that referenced a dude cheating on his girl over 16 times and she was still with him but she hugged another guy and her boyfriend felt so betrayed and devastated.

Women want happiness over support and men prefer support over happiness. This is the basic understanding of the message from the radio show. Men will stay in long-term relationships even though they are miserable because they are afraid of being alone or starting over. Women will deal with crazy amounts of stress and abuse before they decide to chase happy again. Relationships that we choose to commit and devote ourselves to should not be overflowing with problems, stress, and negativity.

People that are in unhappy relationships tend to do things out of spite. They tend to cause more harm because they just want to be let go. They could leave but being let go is easier to deal with. In that situation, you can say it was the other person. “Well, so and so left me” and all that type of stuff. It is sad that women and men are so willing to stand in the pit of a fire when they have the choice to swim in the pool.

Life is passing by so fast and I would rather spend the rest of my time being happy. I want someone who I am excited to come home to. I want someone who rests easy in my presence. I do not ever want to have a man who will stay with me just because he wants my social support if emotionally he has already moved on. More than anything, we need to live in truth and make decisions that not only impact our relationships but improve them.

What do you think?