Project your shadow

My mind does not operate in the manner that most people’s minds do. I am constantly thinking outside of the box. I focus on the positive side of most situations and I strive to help others see that as well. We are all in this life together. It makes more sense to build one another up than to tear each other down. It is easier to smile and laugh than it is to maintain a scowl. I love life and I love people. I genuinely want what is best for everyone. I long to see great things happen for people. I share the joy that they have. I share the excitement that they feel. I share the journey. I am the vessel and they fill me up with everything that they have in them. My mind remains as open as my ears. My heart feels as easy as my hands. At that moment, I am with them. We are connected.

I can remember things that people have shared with me that they have probably stored away in their “to the grave” file. I have always been the person that people felt like they could open up to and share their life with. By this I am humbled. I have gathered a great deal of insight and experience through these conversations. I have been placed in situations that have made it possible for me to be a blessing to someone else. For this I am grateful. I think about those conversations at times and I wonder how those people are doing. I see many of them on social media and I am so happy for them. I am so proud of them. I am so supportive of them. I am appreciative of the role that they played in my life. Every time that I speak to someone and pour into their life, God pours into mine. I am lifted when I lift others. I am freed when I help to free others. My testimony can help someone else get to their next testimony.

I want to be more than an idea or a memory. I want to be remembered. I want to be a staple in the lives of many. I want to influence others to make a difference. I want to start the change that I want to see in the world. I want to be an inspiration. I want to be a motivational force. I want to be everything that I can be to everyone that I encounter. I want my smile to be the difference. I will continue to listen to the stories and provide the feedback. I will continue to be the shoulder and supply the tissue. I will continue to be the truth and discredit the doubt. I will continue to be me. I thank all of you that have shared moments with me and allowed me to be there for you.

What do you think?