Pushing Past Frustrations

When I started my business, I knew that there was going to be a lot of long nights, early mornings, and valuable lessons. Although I knew that there was a lot that I had to do, I was not prepared. I jumped in head first after I lost my job. I did minimal research and made a lot of mistakes. Nevertheless, I keep going. I am still learning what it takes to start and maintain a successful business. I am also still making mistakes.

For example, I started my business with raw passion. However, passion is not enough to maintain a business. I had all of the intangible stuff, like a vision and a dream. I even had goals written eloquently in my head. Unfortunately, none of that was helping my business. I was spending so much time focused on the non-beneficial things that I was suffocating my business. I had no direction. I had so many ideas and things that I wanted to bring to life, but no mode of transportation. I was just moving aimlessly.

I had to learn how important it is to have goals written on paper and a plan to achieve them. With that, I also learned how important planning and balancing my time is. I am even learning how to make those non-beneficial things beneficial. I am learning how to work harder at working smarter. The secret to all of this is research.

There is so much research that goes into starting a business. You have to research EVERYTHING! There are plenty of times that I got stuck on something and just moved on to something else instead of asking for help from someone who I know has already been through this. This makes a lot of sense because one of my biggest challenges was asking for help. I say was like I am no longer doing it but asking for help is still a bit of a struggle for me. Asking for help only reveals that you are interested in growing and getting better. I am actually learning how to trust this idea but changing my thoughts is where it starts.

Resetting my mind and learning all that I need to learn about running a business is my goal. This is how I am getting over the frustrations that come with getting started. The learning curves, the bumps and bruises, the setbacks, and the poor decisions are all a part of my journey. Of course, success, accomplishments, transitions, and growth are along for the ride. I am not the first person who feels this way and I am sure that I will not be the last. As I learn I share so that others may be able to avoid some of my mistakes. I have switched gears from being passion driven to goal driven. I do not neglect my passion, nor do I ignore it. I have, however, learned its place.

My business is only one year old and I am certain that I will have many more years of growth and lessons. I am confident in this because I want more than what I have now. With that, I am determined to make sure that I accomplish my goals. I have learned and still learning so much about being an entrepreneur. I have been exposed to a wealth of knowledge, some amazing connections, and some dope opportunities.

My unorthodox journey concerns my loved ones and even myself at times. The concern does not arise from the lack of faith but from the state of society. I have always been out-of-order and my colors have often gone outside of the lines. It has been a struggle and it will turn into a memory. I have been one to defy odds and change opinions because I am the change that I want to see. I cannot allow the struggles of being an entrepreneur deter me from living the life that I want and feel I deserve.

As I stated, I had to change my mind in order to change my outcome. What I mean is, I cannot believe that I will be successful if I am too afraid to do what it takes and make it happen. My circumstances cannot change if I don’t believe that I can change them and work towards making the change. This journey will continue to reveal adjustments that need to be made in order to accomplish my goals. I have to be willing to push past the frustrations in order to take the next step.

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