Roll down the window

As we go through the days, we discover different things about who we are and how we view the world. When we are familiar with a person we interact with them differently than someone we just met. We respond favorably to a situation that we are accustomed to. When we have experience with a person, place, or thing we develop a level comfort. We become comfortable with what is familiar to us. This is seen in our lives on a daily basis. We are constantly looking through life’s window.

When a person asks for change on the street and they look like they are dirty and homeless, we tend to look at that person with the eyes of wonder thinking, “how did you get here, what happened?”. However, if we are approached by the same person dressed in nicer clothes with a more trustworthy appearance, we are willing to give more or do more. We would rather live in the nicer neighborhoods, go to the nicer places, and be around nicer people.

This is the case for a lot of us, although many of us do not come from places where everything is nicer. We know what the meaner side of the world is like. We know that life is not always fair. Many of us get stuck in that mentality and refuse to roll down the window to gain clarity when life fogs them up. We are responsible for how we move through this life.

We make decisions every day that will impact our future. Judging one another based on what we heard is less of what we should do. Instead, we should make logical and wise decisions based on what we know. We have to be cautious and not put ourselves in situations that will hurt or harm us. We also have to be willing to look past what we see at first glance and see the truth of the situation. We are all one decision away from being the person on the other side of that glass.

Live life without judgement, focus on truth. Live life without fear, focus on progress. Life life without regrets, focus on the lessons. Live life with purpose…Roll down your window

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