Selfish greed

It was brought to my attention that a woman was offered close to 1 billion dollars as a result of a divorce settlement, and rejected the money due to her pending appeal….She wants more money?!?!?!
I recall hearing about a case in which a mother was dissatisfied with the amount of child support she received monthly from the famous father of her child and requested more….Really?!?!?!
The frivolousness of these situations is appalling. This is a clear example of how greed can motivate spite. The amounts of money that these women acquired during the course of a month could have helped to put a child through college or fed a city of hungry people, but they still wanted more. That baffles me. The way that money is valued over life, over love, over peace… It is unsettling. The things that people do out of greed.

What do you think?