Something worth catching

There are things in this life that are worth catching. There are also things in this world that are worth staying away from. I want my passion to inspire others to pursue what they are passionate about. I want my drive to take me places that I have never been before. I want to motivate those around me to move forward with their goals. I strive to encourage my peers to be better than they were before.

I want all that has been placed in me to be a glimmer of hope for someone else. I want my story to be an inspiration. I want the best of me to be something worth catching. I want the worst of me to be transformed into something worth having. I know that I won’t be perfect in this life, but I want the best me to be remembered and cherished. I want my spirit to be my memory. I want my life to be a testimony. I want to be something worth catching.

What do you think?