Standard of leaving

First impressions of a person tell us a lot. Maya Angelou stated that when people show us who they are we need to believe them. For this reason, and others, I go with my gut reaction to a person. I know fairly quickly if I am interested in getting to know more about a person or if I am more interested in walking away.

I have met so many people in my life and many of them have used the rope that I give them to hang themselves instead of pick themselves up.  Once I give a person an opportunity to be in my circle, they have a probationary stay. I am very easy going for the most part and very easily turned off. I do not want to be lied to, taken advantage of, or mistaken for someone that is weak and fragile. I am very capable of handling myself and making well informed decisions.

Once a person gives me a reason to rethink their place in my life, I am usually already done with them. I do not typically cut people off, they disconnect themselves from me. I just hold the rope, I do not tie it around the neck of the other person, I simply hold it.

I know my worth and I refuse to be mistreated or forced into thinking that how I want to be treated is wrong. I will not lower my standards to accommodate others. I will continue to be me. Yes, I will adjust over time but it will be for personal growth not for indirect pleasure. I am just me and I am fine with that.

What do you think?