Stop stopping

Stop stopping yourself from getting what you want because you are afraid of the process. There are times when opportunities come our way and we run away from them because we think that we are not worthy to receive them. We think that we should not be afforded the opportunities that we are because we think so low of ourselves. We have to know who we are. We have to know that we are worth every positive possibility that comes towards us. We have to appreciate those opportunities and move on them. When doors are opened for us, we cannot close them and lock ourselves inside. We have to be willing to go after what we want.

Stop stopping yourself from being happy because you are holding on to the fear of your past. We have all been hurt. We have all had experiences that have been less than favorable. We have all been mistreated, taken for granted, and tossed aside. We have been the victim and at times, the villain. The things that have taken place in our past are things that have shaped us into the people that we are. When our situation changes and we are faced with someone that will make us happy, we close our eyes and stay in that place of pain that the last situation left us in. We have to know that we deserve to be happy. We have to know that our past is our foundation not our destination. We have to learn from the decisions that we made so that we can be clear on what is in front of us.

Stop stopping yourself from doing what you want to do because you are fearful of the possibilities. There are so many things going on in the world that people are afraid to take steps towards the life that they want to live. We often connect ourselves to situations that do not directly connect to us. We have to know that what happened to someone else, may or may not happen to us. We may experience similar situations as others; however, it is highly likely that the outcomes will be different. Choosing not to travel by air due to the fear of the plane crashing is a valid fear. For every 1 plane that crashes, there are innumerable amounts that take off and land safely at their destination. When our time on this earth is over, there is nothing that we can do to extend the clock. It only makes sense to live life and maximize the moments that we have. Time well spent is always better than time that has been wasted.

We have to remember that fear is a binder. It keeps us where we are. It keeps us stuck. Fear stops us from being who we want to be, getting what we want to have, and doing what we want to do. When we realize that fear is only as strong as we make it, we can free ourselves from it and become who we were truly created to be.

What do you think?