Storms and Smiles

In the midst of the storm when your eyes are filled with tears all things become clear. You can see your purpose. You can see your struggle. You can see your direction. You can see your pain. Even in the midst of it all the storm does not define you. The storm strengthens you. You are not consumed with the heartache of rejection and the thoughts of defeat. You are propelled by the spirit of resurrection and the ideas of prosperity. Knowing that this too shall pass wipes away your tears. Understanding that joy comes in the morning lifts your frown. Believing that you are not left alone increases your comfort. Storms are reminders that we are human. Closed doors are reminders that something better is coming. Setbacks are reminders that we need to keep moving. Failures are reminders that you are getting closer to your goal.

The peace that was shaken by the thunder is restored. The smile that was interrupted by the rain is lifted. The faith that was tested by the trials is renewed. When the earth shakes and feels that it is falling beneath your feet you are kept on solid ground. When you feel that you are alone in a whirlwind you are protected from the outside of the storm. When you feel like you are sinking to the depths of the ocean you are being shown a new perspective. Allow your mind to be opened by what attempts to shut you down. Allow your heart to be healed by what attempts to tear you apart. Allow yourself to grow by what attempts to cut you off. The storm does not determine the outcome but how you handle what the storm brings can affect it.

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