Stuck in the blades

Emotions stirring like gumbo
Feelings flying like Dumbo
and I’m lost in the whirlwind of it all
Hoping for a change like I overpaid
Waiting for a response like I placed a call
I didn’t do this
This is not all on me
My finger isn’t pointed like we’ve discovered new land
My finger is pointed with the rest
Like when you extend your hand
I’m hurt
This hurts
The pain is real but that is not all I feel
The joy from the past is covered
By the confusion of the present
Love doesn’t die
Love moves on
Jumping out of myself
Like the beginning of a double dutch
Attempting to see you
Like a blind man with glasses
Your appearance is not your reflection
Although you believe that it is
We are lost in the blender
We are stuck in the blades

What do you think?